Ita Fort

Ita Fort means
‘Fort of Bricks’
in Ahom language

Ita Fort means ‘Fort of Bricks’ in Ahom language. Though only few brick blocks are there for you to see, the ruins of the fort, which was constructed around 14th century, stands proof of the supremacy of the ancient people in the field of architecture. The historical importance of Ita Fort and the superior architecture of the bygone era are beyond question. Ita Fort covers an area of 45 cubic metres and around 8 million bricks were used in the construction. Given the fact that the fort was built in an area that is far from being a comfortable place for construction adds value to the fort and highlights the workmanship. It is believed that the fort was constructed by Jitari Dynasty’s King Mayapur of Ramachandra. With three entrances to the fort on the south, east and west directions, the fort is perched on top of a hill and the valley view from here stuns you into silence. Do not let the ruins discourage you; the fact that a fort was constructed in such a place and the beauty the location has to offer give the place a top slot in the list of attractions.


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