Indira Gandhi Park

Indira Gandhi Park
adds beautyto the existing
magnetic atmosphere

Itanagar in itself is a land that has immense natural treasures to offer. Unlike other places where you may have to seek elsewhere to enjoy solitude and oneness with nature, Itanagar is full of picturesque landscapes and breathtaking views. Indira Gandhi Park adds beauty to the existing magnetic atmosphere. The park has beautiful trees and plants to let you enjoy in peace the gifts of nature. The lush greenery around delights you and the slides for children keep them amused. Indira Gandhi Park keeps the whole family happily engaged.

Itanagar is a great destination for nature lovers; yet, there are many tourist places in Itanagar. Still unexplored lands are many in Itanagar and even if you spend a great amount of time here on your vacation, you will be adding to the list of tourists who leave the place only to return. Check out other popular places in Arunachal to learn more about this magical land.


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